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An Open Letter To 'Pretty Little Liars' & Everyone Who Watches 'Pretty Little Liars'


In light of last night’s episode, I’m sure most of you are expecting a bevy of Hanna/Zack annotations. You’ll probably get them, but they probably won’t be from me.

You see, when I stated watching the episode, I figured I’d be making quite a few annotations. However, while watching the episode…

What an epic post. This totally shifted my perspective on such a light show. Very commendable

Dear Gay Community - Pt.III

Be the Change

It is a choice. We make a choice to live the way we live our lives. Love is harder than lust. Don’t be lazy. Trust in the fact that like with everything you work hard for (as we all know gays are known for ;P), you will get it one day. I just ask that you make that an option. Make love an option.

When you forget why you are, who you are, remember that moment, that emotion you felt when you first told someone you were gay. Hold on to that rush of acceptance, that endless sigh of relief. Remember the smiles and the tears. Remember that; those same people in our lives who have chosen to accept us with love deserve the same respect and understanding. There are other people in this world, and if we want to break this fishbowl around our community, all you have to do is learn to love.
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